Watch (and hear) a prototype foot-operated "palm mute" device for piano

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Very cool - thank you for sharing!
YT recommended another video featuring the palm mute pedal - I thought this was beautiful


In the first few seconds of the video you hear a few notes with the pedal … heavily applied? I almost felt let down… and then we reach 1:30 in the video.

Blown away; that sound is captivating.

I keep thinking that I should be able to pinpoint another instrument it sounds like: a plucked guitar, hammer dulcimer, or even the PVC pipes & flip flops used by Blue Man group. Nothing quite fits.

Thank you @beschizza , @atteSmythe for sharing this.


Some aspects of the palm mute sound remind me of oriental music, something like the koto–though I don’t know why, since the koto has tons of reverb


I got the same vibe. I think it’s the note choices or the mode that’s being played. Kinda of like the way guitarists like Derek Trucks incorporate raga-style playing with their slide guitar playing.

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YouTube also recommends this unedited 8 minute video

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That sounds interesting! Though it’s hardly news that there are many ways to prepare a piano.

Bolts in a piano? Pff, how about using a toilet brush?

That’s ^^^ Nils Frahm again, showing why he’s the perfect person to test the palm-mute, as he already has plenty of experience getting new and exciting noises out of pianos:

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