Watch: angry cyclist wants to see the rule that allows disabled man to ride motorized bike on the trail

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The cyclist has the right attitude to be a bike messenger, that’s for sure. I’ll bet the entitled prick resents it whenever he sees a hiker on the trail, too.


INCENSED JOGGER: “Show me the rule that says you’re allowed to drive that electric go-cart on the sidewalk!”

ACCOSTED PERSON: “Sir I’m a paraplegic and this is a wheelchair.”


They don’t even want to see a recumbent bike sharing the trail. Seeing the headline I thought it would be internal combustion motorized. Some cyclists need to get off their high seat and embrace the e-bike revolution, regardless of disability.

September 2020. Where’s the “this is not us” apology?


The bike-shamer’s partner is just as bad. When the disabled man explains he can’t walk she chimes in “you should have led with that.” As if the disabled man had been the one to open the conversation at all. Not to mention that he DID in fact lead with that.


This is super unfortunate all around.

One of my best friends broke her back in a horrific accident and doesn’t have control of her lower half of her body any more. Using motor assisted vehicles (scooters/wheelchairs/etc) for her is illegal in most areas you’d consider wilderness, the types of places she spent most of her adult life. Edit: follow Quinn Brett on Instagram to see her story and learn if you’d care to!

I don’t have the answers. But a lot of bike trails are built for two wheel traffic and specifically restrict four wheel vehicles…think quad atvs and you’ll get the intent.

Oregon’s e bike law bans their use on sidewalks and trails in wilderness. Our law has some real odd bits too, and 4 wheel mobility devices aren’t covered at all — AFAIK they are covered by ATV law which doesn’t seem to fit.

I hope we can get to a place through quality discussion that makes the outdoors welcoming to all while maintaining wilderness and wild lands. I just know that shitting on anybody isn’t the answer.


No offense to all cyclists but many cyclists act as if they have supreme rights to whatever space they are quickly speeding through and it annoys the fucking shit out of me.


I’m pretty OK with shitting on entitled cyclists who accost a disabled man and refuse to apologize.


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Personally, I have decided to take the highest road possible in everything moving forward on the Internet. I respect your choice in this, but mine is different. And I would have shat like crazy previously.


I guess if it was some rando on an e-bike, sure, I guess I could understand being upset. Realizing it is for someone who is disabled, your face should turn red and you should apologize profusely.


Michigan’s Rules:

Legal Places to Ride An E-bike

It’s important to understand the rules associated with where these electric motorized bikes can be ridden. Most often we find that the spaces they’re allowed to operate are according to their class type as outlined above. Michigan e-bike laws specify where the various classifications of electric bikes may be ridden.

All three classes of e-bikes may be ridden on any roadway that is open to traditional bicycles, including designated bike lanes.

Riders may also use Class 1 e-bikes “on a linear trail that has an asphalt, crushed limestone, or similar surface.” However, municipalities have the right to prohibit or regulate e-bike operation on certain trails.

Additionally, Class 2 and Class 3 e-bikes may be ridden on trails only if authorized by the local agency that has jurisdiction over the trail.

Finally, the law prohibits all three classes of e-bikes on any “trail that is designated as non-motorized and that has a natural surface tread that is made by clearing and grading the native soil with no added surfacing materials.” This includes trails designated specifically for mountain biking.

E-bikes are also prohibited on Mackinac Island, unless the rider obtains a permit from the Mackinac Island State Park Commission.

Nonetheless, individuals with disabilities who use an e-bike as a mobility device may ride on roads and trails where e-bikes are otherwise prohibited.


I carry a copy of the rule that allows me to do all sorts of things, just in case.


Most of the areas around here I see people cycling on trails are wilderness areas where nothing motorized is permitted, period. Also, he’s riding a presumably 4 wheel vehicle (conceivably it has only one rear wheel) in an area not really wide enough for it.

Typically, mobility scooters should be treated as pedestrians, but the wilderness is another matter. If nothing else, what’s going to happen if he finds a piece of debris across the trail?

Christ, what a bifurcated asshole.


Like, how do you not realize that this is almost certainly a disabled person at first glance? The e-bikes that are controversial on mountain bike trails - this isn’t what they look like!

And even if the bike IS technically against the rules (no idea the specifics here; shouldn’t be but who knows?) - who cares? Give 'em a fucking pass, will you? Dude’s clearly faced some challenges in life that you have not - let them enjoy themselves! Step to the side and wish your fellow rider a great day.


Could have asked him to show the rule that disabled people are banned. But ignoring someone that leads with spurious demands was probably best.


Talk softly and carry a big book.



I can’t really find any personal outrage on this one. Dude is rude, but living near to dozens of hiking and rail trails, some that go through our back yard, there are loads of assholes who ride their motorized vehicles despite clearly posted warnings. They absolutely destroy the trails. I have never personally encountered one of these electric bikes for the handicapped. My instinct would be to call them out for sure. Of course, as @Mister44 points out, he should have immediately apologized and explained his vigilance once the guy explained his situation. The handicapped have supreme right of way, IMO.

ETA: The only thing worse than someone abusing a trail with a motorized vehicle is someone with an unleashed dog. I have had to threaten multiple people that if their enraged, snarling dog came within a foot of my child I am dealing with the situation myself.


Is he trying to do a reverse Air Bud?