Watch: art thief foiled


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He wasn’t trying to steal it. He was trying to fix it.


The best part is he appears to be stealing a painting from some seaside tourist “gallery.” I’m surprised he didn’t go for one of the seagulls-on-driftwood pieces.

Go big or go home, dude.


I can hear the artist’s agent putting their spin on it right now:
“Oi, Nic! Good news about your piece mate, people are committing crimes in order to take it home!”

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This is basically how the Gardner Heist happened.

Art thief foiled

I was hoping that the gallery owners literally wrapped the guy in foil. Now THAT would have been ART!


awww, man… video is now private…

Try this:

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We’ll never catch him now. (I wondered what “foiled” was doing in the headline. I didn’t see anywhere that he’d been caught, except on camera.)

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If he gets caught, standing in the gallery wrapped in foil as an art piece for a predetermined number of days could be an interesting form of punishment. “Foiled art thief”.


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