Watch as Anthony Howe creates a massive, kinetic wind sculpture

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I thought it was delicate and lovely, like spraying water, then my traitorous subconscious said ‘It looks like a toilet brush’, and after that I couldn’t unsee it :frowning:


Lol well you’re not wrong! From a distance, that’s the shape, right?

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Yep, that was my first thought too, not having seen your comment.

Having said that, perhaps this makes this sculpture transcend into art! I’m thinking Duchamp and the urinal. Perhaps a big toilet brush is exactly what we need in 2020!

A big beautiful toilet brush to clean away the shit…

Only, unlike T****'s hyperbole it is actually big and beautiful.

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But what a toilet!!


A very relaxing sculpture to watch, brought to mind a wheel builder I used to watch at a local bike shop when I was little.
And thank you for the mirror article.

Duchamp approves.


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