Watch as World's Slowest Saw returns with viewer requests

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Much too fast. He needs to hook this up to the Clock of the Long Now.


His voice and sense of humor are perfectly matched. I laughed frequently.


Bonk! went the clockworks, and then it went poing! and unlike the chimes of a regular clock, which announce, on schedule, the passing–linear and purposeful–of another hour on the inexorable march toward death, the clockworks chime came stumbling out of left field, hopping in one tennis shoe, unconcerned as to whether it was late or early, admitting to neither end nor beginning, […]


Bonus points for that Wilhelm Scream


Agreed. He’s on just the right side of Uninterested Narration for it to be enjoyable. Similar narration that I enjoyed, from one of the greatest surf flicks, ever, “Bali High”:

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Unexpectedly clever and funny. I do question his choice of a western scenario to replace a James Bond request. Maybe it was the best song he could get rights to (heh). And I was shocked to see his callous use of Mr. Moustache’s corpse as hanging dead weight.

He has no dolls. Perhaps we could crowdfund the purchase of a Ned Stark Action Figure.

If the wheel pushing/pulling the blade is going almost 180 degrees back and forth, wouldn’t it be just as or nearly as effective completing full rotations, i.e. spinning in one direction? No Arduino required.

I realize making the silly thing overly complicated is part of the comedy, but someone please indulge my curiosity.

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