Watch bizarre video: United Airlines employee pushes 71-year-old to floor, leaves him motionless


In the video it looked like they walked up the guy, looked down at him and just stood around. In the middle of a meeting so i can’t go back and rewatch it.


Umm, you, a close relative, just stood there watching her struggle for ten minutes? But others, total strangers, were remiss in not offering immediate aid you say?


Well the bandwidth and hosting charges alone would be horrendous given how companies act these days. :slight_smile:


An older male threatened a sounder female who retaliated who’s now the vial lain because united. At least that’s how I read it.


Thanks for some much needed clarification.


A video surfaced today of an incident from two years ago where a man was assaulted by UA employees and instead of discussing the event the discussion turns in to people wanting to know why this is just now being posted. I think I finally understand why people kept walking.


The last sentence was a joke. My aunt really did have that experience but I wasn’t there when it happened.


You never would think that "Don’t physically assault customers’ would have to be included in the training class.


Perhaps I’m cynical, but I don’t know what happened to this guy because I was busy watching outside the red circle thinking there must be some magician distraction slight-of-hand nonsense going down.


That is exactly what I was taught at CPR training. Specifically single out other bystanders to do things like look for an AED, call for help, or otherwise assist (also, specifically ask “Do you understand?”)


What’s the statute of limitation for news?


The name on his boarding pass printed as “BUTTLE” but it should have read “TUTTLE”.


I am getting a popup add for a boxing match on top of that video. Must be the keyword “united” in the meta data.


Talk about a shitty metonymy…


Christ! What a bunch of Trumpholes!

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