American Airlines employee appears to hit woman with baby stroller, challenges passenger to 'hit me'


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WTH is going on with your airlines over there?


Fuck these airlines. Is there an airline where you don’t get beaten?


It’s like the US based airlines don’t actually want to be airlines anymore.


This is why they make you turn off cell phones.


Although credit where’s it’s due - they didn’t double down and release her medical history or the number of boyfriends she had in high school.



Mercifully filmed in landscape.


I have bad news: they don’t just stay here.


This whole country seems to be getting progressively more angry and hotheaded, across the board. Looks like airlines are (unsurprisingly) not exempt.


I heard something (maybe from Kai Ryssdal? on Marketplace?) about how they make more from deals for miles (that other companies can use in promotions) than they do on passenger service. Now that I think about it, that probably needs a second source, but that’s what I recall.


If she had the stroller in the cabin, that’s on the gate agent for not tagging and checking it or at least showing her where to leave it for checkage. Even so, the proper response from the flight crew should have been “Oh, hey, sorry, you can’t have a stroller in the cabin. Let me check that into cargo for you,” not act like she was maliciously trying to smuggle the thing aboard.


If we can just have some sort of Black Friday events that takes place on an airplane we would finally have our Thunderdome.


so no actual video of “the incident”?

I will just conclude entitled woman expects to store all her oversized personal belongings because it’s her own goddamned personal plane, loses her shit when she cannot. Since we don’t have any video, and we’ve all seen plenty of that.


With some airlines here in Norway, the right kind of stroller is actually considered hand-luggage and can be stored in the overhead bins…


Also in the UK where since the referendum there have been more accounts of racism and dog attacks. (I know that isn’t airlines but I think that what we’re seeing is people with authoritarian personalities feeling that they are now empowered to behave badly.)

Given that excellent string-and-tube stroller the other day, I wonder how big this one was? There was one in our usual café yesterday that was so huge, with so many unnecessary add-ons (red painted suspension springs?) that it looked like it needed a V-8 just to get it up the ramp.


Apparently, they’ve been hanging out with police too much =p .


In what sense does the employee “appear to hit” this lady? Perhaps “appears to have hit” would be more accurate for your headline, but then you wouldn’t get so many clicks, would you? Man, BoingBoing has really gone down hill since the sell out!

That said, it appears from at least the reactions of the passengers that the attendant appears to have done something pretty bad. My guess is that he was having a bad day, saw a dingbat trying to put a stroller in the overhead (whydid they let it on in the rust place) and the red mist descended in him and he was a little violent towards the stroller when taking it down and accidentally hit the woman and can close to hurting her child. Just a guess, obviously.


You look at her with two kids and a REALLY over stuffed bag on her back, you know she wanted to store her stroller no matter what because she didn’t want to have to go pick it up after the plane landed. This really does seem more of a case of a woman who doesn’t want to be inconvenienced with having to go to the luggage pick up area.


I’ve gotten so used to corporate notpologies that I am surprised to read one that seems to have been written by someone who knows how to write a real apology.


It may or may not be sincere but at least it’s not STUPID.


In all honesty, that looks like every American flight I’ve ever taken.