Watch Christian dad's speech to lawmakers about his changed view on transgender daughter

However limited the effect is, this type of conversion story is a very familiar and accepted frame in the world of evangelicals. Seeing that familiar arc in something besides “coming to Jesus” makes it easier to agree with. It’s still very much in an individual, case by case basis, but it does start to normalize the idea. Alas, there are plenty of people who don’t see a legislator voting against LGBTQ rights getting arrested for soliciting gay sex as hypocrisy.


I agree. I think conservatism as a political ideology has an epistemic flaw that’s more fatal to its victims than any kind of willful callousness. I’ve literally had to debate conservatives on whether vaccines as a whole (not any particular vaccine) were good and necessary for health. It’s wild how much effort goes into shielding their preconceptions just to feel right and certain about things.


I’m a missourian by birth (grew up in St Louis), so I know there are plenty of progressive missourians. Sadly, not in the legislature.

If only there were some trait of the human psyche that allowed people to “put themselves in someone else’s shoes” for any reason other than to increase the size of their own shoe collection.


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