Watch: Clinton's amusing parody of GOP climate change deniers

“CLIMATE” - “WEATHER”, for the final time TeaB@gger~GOP they are two completely different things, NOT THE SAME SAME, DIFFERENT, get it, learn it, know it.

When I want to get a crazy GOP~Teanut to start foaming I say that to them, works like a charm!


And the crazy part is the middle-class or retired people, or even downright poor, who will go to the mat to defend the fossil fuel industry. I can see why a paid shill will do this - but why somebody who has nothing to gain, and a lot to lose?

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"D" for deniers…

I love that part!

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Amusing parodiesgimmicks… What about the issues?

Bernie Sanders is vastly stronger on climate change than Hillary Clinton is and, unlike her, he’s not pandering.

What sort of gimmicks does Bernie Sanders have to pull to get coverage on the topic at Boing Boing?

Hillary Clinton is going to pander to the left while truly appeasing the corporatist right.

Hillary Clinton’s Biggest Campaign Bundlers Are Fossil Fuel Lobbyists

Bernie Sanders signed a pledge that he will not accept contributions from oil, gas or coal companies. He’s kept his word. Clinton refused to sign that pledge.

Meanwhile… clever gimmicks… Look over here!!


Just think of the ad as an endorsement for Sanders, then. It doesn’t even claim that Hillary is the best candidate on Climate Change, just that the entire GOP field is atrocious on it.


I’ll think of it that way when it mentions his name and record. Do note that until I brought it up, this was simply a Boing Boing ad for Clinton.

They didn’t bother with mentioning Sanders (like usual).

It doesn’t even claim that Hillary is the best candidate on Climate Change

Right, because this is meant to be a distraction from that fact. As a matter of fact, she’s in the pockets of the fossil fuel industry and she’s just a better liar than the Republicans are.

Please don’t fall for this shit.


Cute and it may fire up a few Clinton supporters to support her even more, but:

  1. This will never convince anyone who does not already take science seriously.
  2. Sure, Clinton believes climate change is caused by people, but is there any guarantee that she will actually do something about it?

It’s guaranteed she won’t, but this clever ad is hoping to distract from that fact:

This will never convince anyone who does not already take science seriously.

I think the goal of this ad is to give the illusion that she’s different from the Republicans on the issue. The truth of the matter is she’s simply less honest about her intentions than the Republicans are. She’s better than Republicans, but she’s merely Republican-lite on the issue.

IF Hillary Clinton is elected, she’ll keep the Republican obstruction machine in place. She doesn’t have the grassroots power that Sanders has to shape the following midterms, etc. and even if she did, she wouldn’t use them. This way she can pander to progressives by using Republicans as scapegoats for her own lame actions and inactions while appeasing her corporatist right owners.

Progressives aren’t falling for this shit as much in 2015. And, after tomorrow on July 29th, we’re going to mobilize the largest grassroots movement in the history of this nation to prove it.


UPDATE: Good morning. As of 10:22 AM Colorado time we are now up to 100,196 people. Yes, that’s over one hundred thousand people.

/end edit

This revolution won’t be properly televised nor properly covered by Boing Boing (although I hope that changes). Meanwhile… Doneld Tramp, look at him!

Just look at him.


Not everyone with banana hair is awful.


If you want to deal with climate change, fund public schools. Fund science education. Teach students to think critically, to explore their world, to experiment.

Until you do that, fearful, superstitious thought will block any meaningful attempt to stop it. People mistrust scientists because they don’t know what science is.

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It’s not about the science or even the fact that they love the oil companies (a lot of conservatives don’t really have a problem with green energy if it doesn’t cost them anything, either in dollars or convenience). It’s about the culture war.

They see it in terms of “us” and “them” and “they” are forcing “us” to be more like “them”. Put another way, they feel like they are being forced to adopt the opposite side’s values.

I think this viewpoint is wrong, but politicians encourage this way of thinking to get funding, elected, etc.

To be fair, the left-leaning can come off as prescriptive. But the right-leaning have been conditioned by now to see any sign of change as a threat to their lifestyle and identity.



Agreed. What matters here is that people realize the GOP as a party is full of people who outright
ignore scientific reality. Even if you don’t believe in it, there is plenty of evidence it is happening.
There are actual scientists working on the data, trying to be impartial, I imagine. And it’s not just
the GOP that is doing this- plenty of Americans all over are ignoring basic science. The GOP just
made ignoring reality popular and somehow “acceptable”.

It’s funny to me that America is willing to completely change our way of life and live in constant
hyped fear of zomgterristsrunhidedeyareeverywhere, we are willing to completely invent new
agencies to molest us like the TSA over terrorist travel concerns way past what is reasonable,
when there is something with direct science staring us in the face saying, “dude- you’re going to
be globally fucked for millenia if you don’t knock it off now”, but that fear curtain, people ignore.

Welcome to America- where it’s convienent to irrationally fear that terrorists are everywhere, yet
actual climate change actually is visibly getting fucked up everywhere, but hey, let’s ignore it.
Never mind constant rain for months in PA, and droughts in CA.

Because hey, you know, scientists are elitists who think they know what’s best for you. It’s not
like it’s their job or anything to figure this shit out, amirite 'Mericans?

Christ would even facepalm these fools, saying “Me, what assholes.”

What’s important here isn’t who made the video- it’s people getting the point, and listening more to
scientific data.


The GOP is the party of ignorance and fear. I will not argue that.

The left wing is the party of overly technical and unproven solutions that get put into law. The left loves science, but only to a point. Those in the know are left out when it comes to legislation, and that is a huge problem.

I vastly prefer the left, to say the least. But I would love a party that combined fiscal conservatism with social liberalism. Is that so hard?

(Obviously, yes)

Of the two parties I’d actually call the Democrats more fiscally conservative than the Republicans. Both parties like to spend lots of money, but tax-and-spend is a more responsible approach than borrow-and-spend.


Actually a good point. The right wing does like to use its fiscal conservative position to take down its favorite whipping boys (Planned Parenthood comes to mind).

I think what rubs me the wrong way is the national debt. Recently the left has treated it as a necessary evil (and it is), but that’s rather new. Prior, it was NBD.

Most of the people who are going to vote Democrat already know this very well.

Poll: Democrats say climate change a bigger threat than ISIS

This was a gimmicky ad for Hillary Clinton in order to preach to the choir while also conveniently sidetracking from the fact that, in reality, she’s likely to do every little against climate change compared to Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders signed a pledge that he will not accept contributions from oil, gas or coal companies. He’s kept his word. Clinton refused to sign that pledge.

IF elected, Hillary will continue to enable Republican obstructionism and play stupid in order to appease her corporatist owners. Bernie Sanders is a part of massive, symbiotic grassroots movements that will pave the way for symbiotic action after he’s elected.

We’ll just keep spinning our wheels with Hillary Clinton for the most part. She’ll blame the Republicans for it (of course) and in the process she’ll appease the fossil fuel industry while pandering to progressives.

We need to stop falling for this crap.

Hillary Clinton is incredibly likely to bring us more war and some of her top donors will very much profit from more wars as well.

Vote on the issues and the person that has a record they don’t need to flip-flop on:

Beware of the cult of personality.

Our future shouldn’t depend on anyone that flip-flops and panders to us anymore.

Hillary Clinton’s State Department Authorized Billions in Arms Sales to Foundation Donors

I sell the things you need to be
I’m the smiling face on your TV
I’m the Cult of Personality
I exploit you
Still you love me
I tell you one and one makes three
I’m the Cult of Personality

Cult Of PersonalityLiving Colour

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Remember when Mitt Romney was talking about reigning in spending by cutting funds for PBS? I did some back-of-the-napkin math and estimated that the entire annual Federal budget for public broadcasting would fund maybe one hour’s worth of our ongoing military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Way to prioritize, you financial wizards you.


You can skip the napkins. You don’t even need to do the math. The two biggest costs in the U.S. budget are:

  1. Military operations
  2. Entitlement programs (mostly social security)

These two are SO HUGE. It’s unclear what you can do about social security, because it is political suicide to touch.

But, holy hell, we have a long history of being isolationist when it comes to military action. WWII broke some sort of dam that has yet to be rebuilt.

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Government Spends More on Corporate Welfare Subsidies than Social Welfare Programs

It’s unclear what you can do about social security

“The argument being used to cut Social Security is that because we have a significant deficit problem and a $14 trillion national debt, we just can’t afford to maintain Social Security benefits. This argument is false. Social Security, because it is funded by the payroll tax, not the U.S. Treasury, has not contributed on nickel to our deficit. In fact, according to a very recent study by the Congressional Budget Office ( CBO) Social Security has a $2.5 trillion dollar surplus and can pay out every penny owed to every eligible American for the next 27 years until 2038.”

link to pdf

What to do?

We should secure Social Security by voting in Bernie Sanders who isn’t a disengenous liar who continues to utilize FUD in an attempt to get average Americans to work against their very own interests.