The #Veep is out: Hillary Clinton chooses Tim Kaine as Vice President


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From your lips to FSM’s noodly aural sensing appendages.

It is weird how both parties have nominated candidates that do their utter damnedest to make themselves as unappealing as possible.


“Don’t mess this one up you guys. Please don’t mess this up.”



Are you sure? He kinda looks like Santy Claus to me.


Not a bad choice, but I would have rather seen Julián Castro get the nod - if only for the joy of seeing the right’s collective head explode when a Hussein in the Executive Branch is followed by a Castro.


Ugh. I was hoping for Sherrod Brown. TPP, here we come!


Eh. Another GFY to the progressives. I would have voted for her if she’d picked someone like Warren.

Good thing I live in a state where a vote for a third party won’t help Trump… Sorry to everyone else who doesn’t have that luxury.


Do we hate Detroit now? Last I heard, we loved Detroit.


Warren can do far more in her current capacity as senator than as VP. Someone like Warren though…yeah, I’m with you on that one.


Kaine’s ratings from key progressive groups:
Brady Campaign 100%
Human Rights Campaign 100%
Planned Parenthood 100%



I agree. I do prefer Warren in the Senate. I also wouldn’t hold out hope for Clinton leaving office early, but it would be comforting to know a progressive was ready to step in if need be.


Warren 2020!

[angry glare from Hilary]


Progressives tend to be so rare in a position of power that they would make the US worse as VP. Warren or Sanders being replaced is a disaster. That said, she should have leaned left, but she is literally the worst campaigner I can think of at a federal level.


And the first tweet in response I see:

Kanye_Trump @Barack_McBush - “*Pro Wallstreet/Big bank and pro #TPP, No thanks.”

I would expect those ratings for anyone considered for a high level position, so that’s not that impressive. I would attribute these scores to the Overton Window being skewed so far right that anyone left of the right should score pretty well with these groups.

Between the big money, Wall Street ties, and the DNC emails on Wikileaks, I’m done with the supposed centrists entirely.


I just want it to be November already so I can go back to pretending the world isn’t on the brink of annihilation. This ain’t fun anymore.


No Man’s Sky is coming out in 3 weeks. Marvel teased new TV shows. Pokemon Go will help you find dead bodies and abandoned kittens.

Immersing yourself in media is the go-to man-child escapism of choice!

Just don’t start being concerned about ethics in game journalism or offended that not all female characters are wearing metal bikinis and it’s all good.


I couldn’t care what wikieaks says anymore. Horrible bunch of creeps.

Also don’t care about Kanye_Trump’s tweets.

I’m okay with a grownup in the White House. Tim Kaine’s not sexy or exciting but he’s solid and well liked among the base.


Stop trying to confuse us with facts.


League of Conservation Voters: 91%