Bernie Sanders concedes Democratic race, endorses Hillary Clinton


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Did anybody else just hear a very loud angry cow sound from the direction of Colorado?


Well done Bernie, we made more progress in the past 12 months than the past 12 years.


“Like it or not, the numbers say she won. So I’m going to do everything I can to make sure Trump isn’t president, even if it means voting for Hillary. Which it does. So I guess I will.”


I don’t need to in my state. I still have a statement worth making writing in Sanders.


“First, you felt the Bern. Now that you’re Bernt out, vote Hillary.” (This message paid for by a discontented but realist sigh)



So Trump is the greater good?

I vaguely remember some people casting protest votes in Britain recently. How did that go?


Fuck it. I’m done. This goes nicely with Corbyn getting shafted and May becoming PM.


Well that sucks, but not a surprise at all.

Maybe next time.


As always, Bernie proves to be better than his supporters.


While I would love for the Green Party to be a bigger national presence, I’m not going to vote for someone who has never held an office before, and has basically zero experience.

BUT I’m much more interested in their local candidates. Here’s a list of featured candidates, all of which can be donated to:

There’s also a Progressive Voters Guide for local elections, which features similar sorts of people, though it seems they are all Democrats: Does anyone have a better list of progressive candidates that doesn’t seem sponsored by a single party?


I’m not casting a “protest vote.” I am voting for the platform I want enacted. Just as I did in 2012. Just as I’d planned to do in November 2016 before Bernie announced his candidacy.

I am not intimidated by Trump.

I am not intimidated or swayed by the same old “vote your fears” garbage that comes up every election cycle which got the Democratic party into the state it’s in today.

I am not impressed with the “logic” that has Democrats believing a third-party vote is a vote for a Republican, and Republicans believing a third-party vote is a vote for a Democrat, simulteneously.


Bernie’s still a senator, as is Elizabeth Warren. I expect them to be the two much needed spurs in the center-right ass we currently call the Democratic party.


I’m also quite sure you would have voted for Ralph Nader in 2000, not intimidated by George W. Bush. That one also went splendidly.


I do think it’s important to get progressive candidates elected in local positions and in the House and Senate (I’m supporting Brand New Congress).

I’m not sure the experience Clinton has is a good thing. She’ll know how to navigate some of the bullshit streams, that’s for sure. But she has a terrible foreign policy record.


That’s what I got from the speech too.


At the risk of repeating myself, I really wish that we had a weighed voting system like in Australia, where a 3rd party vote was not just seen as a protest vote.

I can’t in good conscious vote for either of the two main runners. So it is either 3rd party or stay home and watch porn all day.


Seems like I get to share this one every week:

I voted for Gore in 2000, unlike the 308,000 registered Democrats in Florida who voted directly for Bush.


Man, no way Clinton moves away from smarmy centrism. Her modus operandi (solicit lots of opinions from across the spectrum, Alabama and try to give something to everybody) almost guarantees that you’ll get centrally tending, moderate policy. And smarm (known in Washington as “relationship building”) is probably one of Clinton’s greatest strengths. It’s how she won the nomination.