"Nerds For Her" unites fandoms behind Hillary Clinton


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What, no Empire for Her? I am disapoint…


The enthusiasm for H. Clinton seems misplaced. “Not as bad as Trump” isn’t exactly an accomplishment /compliment.


Assuming we’re following the Revenge Of The Nerds model, shouldn’t we also have “Entitled Fratboy Douchebags For Him”?


I have zero enthusiasm for Hilary. Almost negative enthusiasm, but it really is “Not as bad as Trump”. I could vote for Jill Stein or another candidate but that vote would go nowhere. This year’s election is just slowly crushing my soul and it’s getting to the point where i just don’t give a damn. Trying to work up the will to still vote though


The Steven Universe shirt is very tempting!

For those of you who think Hillary is just the least bad of two bad choices, please see this article from Daily Kos. I was on the fence for a while myself, until I did further research and came to the same conclusions as the author.

I really wanted Bernie to win the nomination, but I think Hillary is great choice as well.


“Bankers 4 Her” is missing.


“I’m a liberal
but I’ll vote for Clinton
if I have to
I guess”

is a reasonable point of view. I don’t agree, but I can understand it.

Those who have convinced themselves that Hillary Clinton is a Tribune of the People, however, have seriously tripped their self delusion circuit breakers.


*Sing-song voice*

Someone is getting some cease-and-desist letters in the mail.


Thanks for the article link. It was a great read.


Ah, this is a very touching example of “grassroots” from the top-down via a fiscal conservative (IOW, no taxes for the rich) venture capitalist (see Facebook ties, etc.) who couldn’t lift a finger for Bernie but is now desperately trying to appeal to Millenials with gimmicks instead of policies.

How quaint. :smiley:


Same. This election isn’t just killing my spirit, it’s killing my spirit for the next election… which we’ll be neck-deep in by 2018.


Better than Dicks for Donald.


You can do it!

If you are not in a swing state, VOTE THIRD PARTY. It really does matter, your vote does not “go nowhere”. It’s a meaningful and important action.

But if you are in a swing state, you have my deepest, sincere sympathy. There isn’t anything you can do but try to minimize the damage, according to your own moral values. If there’s extremely low voter turnout, that will almost certainly favor the GOP; and the suppression of Bernie Sanders by the Clinton machine will almost certainly decrease the number of young people voting Democrat.


Interesting choice of words there.

“I’m a liberal but I’ll vote for Clinton?” I thought she was supposed to be a Democrat, and the Democrats were supposed to be the liberal party?

My views are more along the lines of “I’m a liberal, so why the hell should I vote for Clinton?”


Posted here before but I can’t remember who by.


If enough people do that … oh boy look out.


She’s got a lot going for her. For starters, she’s not Donald Trump.

I heard it once and repeated it a bunch of times now: These two are running against the only person they could possibly beat.


‘Disillusioned progressives grudgingly for Hillary’


Yes. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, for two.

I was unaware that Hermione Granger grew up to pal around with the likes of John Negroponte and Henry Kissinger.

It’s not that she’s not perfect. In fact, she’d probably be more perfect than a lot of people in the ways that matter. It’s more that she doesn’t represent my interests at all.

But she is intelligent. She is tenacious. She is respectful and empathic. She is humble enough to listen and to learn from her constituents[/quote]

Much like the completely condescending way that she deals with Black Lives Matter.

Like her positions on gay marriage and the Iraq war. The correct positions on these issues have been clear to me for decades, so I don’t know why it takes her so long to “evolve”. It’s not evolution, it’s pandering. She was pandering to the people who are against gay marriage, and now she’s pandering to the people who support gay marriage.