Watch counterfeiter Jeff Turner describe how he perfected his pseudo-Supernote

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As an interesting opposite, the following story is about one of the worst counterfeiters in USA. He never got rumbled from using his notes as he counterfeited $1 notes and only to cover a very modest budget as a retiree. He never used the notes more than once at any particular shop, so the poor quality of the notes never got him caught. It was only after a fire did some of the fake notes got found and he got caught.

They made a movie based on the real life story.


Thanks, IMMA add this to my cue! ^_____^

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This was super interesting. The interviewer is TERRIBLE. All he does is drop curse words to improve his cred, and he asks questions about stuff that the guest HAD JUST FINISHED EXPLAINING, like he wasn’t paying any attention.

Luckily Jeff Turner, the counterfeiter, is fascinating!


I’ve sometimes wondered where the best places to pass counterfeit currency would be. It seems like a grocery store would be the worst place since all the checkout clerks seem to have the pens to detect fake money. I would think that a busy nightclub on a weekend night would be the best place. It’s dimly lit, bartenders are working as fast as possible to manage the crowd around the bar, lots of cash passing hands.


Jeff Turner was selling the fake money to drug dealers for a quarter on the dollar so they could cheat their connect. He also mentioned that some people who worked at stores were using the fake money he made to replace money that had been received from legit customers. Then there’s him actually on the street “breaking” $2500 a week at regular stores he went to, which sounds like shitting in your own pool to me…

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The Treasury Department, and moreover specifically, the Bureau of Engraving and Printing are the agencies that implement security features, not the Federal Reserve.

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