Watch Covid spread across the United States in this animated video

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Brighter color indicates closer to the maximum number of cases seen in that county over the whole pandemic

That’s an odd choice of statistic to animate. So the highlighted areas don’t represent a constant metric across the map - not number of cases, not per capita cases. It’s just showing when that particular county reached its own individual maximum number of cases, regardless of whether that maximum was large or small. Places that kept a tight lid on the spread will brightly pop out exactly the same amount as places where covid ran wild.


Yes, this video looks pretty, but the normalization of colouring minimizes the psychological effect of this whole map.


Yep, it bummed me the f’ out…


Wow. so what was that period where the whole country lit up like Christmas lights? Oh, wait, never mind…

I had no idea so many counties were at their highest level now, damn.

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And just think yow we were looking in early June when there was a feeling that we were starting to beat this thing.


I’m so mad i didn’t insist on taking my kid to her grandparents when everyone was vaccinated. The rates were so low it would have been minimal risk. Now we have to wait probably till spring.

The periodic resurgence of the virus follows a four-month pattern. This indicates that the r-value of covid is >3, meaning the average person infected with the virus will spread it to at least three people. Covid (or any other population) is not on the path to extinction unless its r-value falls below 1.

WOW! I’ll bet this video will go viral!


i imagine it’s like bitcoin or nfts. if everyone had done it, then the value in the fact so few people did it would have been lost.

yeah, your family could probably have travelled safely, but not if everyone had the same idea. it’s exactly the lessening of care that helped spread it wide again

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What the hell happened in Missouri in June 2021?

Fair, but going to my parents and not going out would have mitigated most of the risks. And me not going didn’t stop Delta from spreading. But now my parents won’t see their grand kid for 2 years at this rate. :confused:

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Lake of the Ozarks?



Thanks, that’s probably it.


true. but if more people had followed your lead, we might be in a better place. ( double of course if people were willing to get vaccinated. )

it’s some game theory stuff for sure.

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