Watch David Byrne's "Reasons to be Cheerful" lecture

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Look for alternate models during dour times, you’ll find them, and set an example to others to do the same. Enthusiasm & Cheerfulness are contagious, you’ll know you’re doing a good job at it by the amount of assholes that will hate you for it. <----And that in itself is worth the effort…


Obligatory song link.


David Byrne’s “Reasons to be Cheerful”

Somewhere near the top of the list has to be “Because you’re David Byrne.”


That pink blazer and Steve Martin hairstyle makes me very unhappy.


Advice from one more oblivious, blissful Baby Boomer burning down the house? Blech.

intertwined with Byrne’s first album in 14 years

oh friend, if you haven’t heard this, released 10 years ago, you are in for a treat…


I love the song Strange Overtones on that one. It’s a treat.


Roger that.

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Blissful Baby Boomers don’t need to seek out positive notes in the current current political, cultural and economic hellscape. Saddened ones do. Yes, they were able to buy a house before affordability became unattainable, but they have kids that are suffering.

You think it’s a bed of roses heading for retirement in a system that will only possibly be fixed after you’ve expired?

Retirement? What’s that?

No, you’re right. Suffer the children. And I shouldn’t conflate some arguably random demographic category with something more material. Like income and class. Unless I’m staging a revolution. Which I’m not. Honest.

Anyway, I apologize for being snarky about Boomers. Okay, and Byrne. And I do hope it’s fixed. Even after we expire.

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