Watch David Crosby's hair-raising impression of a John Coltrane solo

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Normally “I was so high, man” stories are the worst, but this one gets a pass.


I guess the point was, “Sometimes, there’s no escaping the music…”




Seeing the thumbnail, I thought that this was going to be about John Carpenter.

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“If I Could Only Remember My Name” is possibly the pinnacle of the San Francisco scene. The list of players is most impressive and god only knows how many hours of studio time it required. Everybody I knew back then owned a copy and it was definitely on the playlist for any chemical psychedelic explorations. I’m gonna have to go down to my studio and play the lp now. I have a demo pre-release copy that sounds really good since it’s an early pressing. Lucky me…


So why did Coltrane come into the john? To empty his bladder?

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Yes what a great album that stands the test of the time.

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So why did Coltrane come into the john?

Crosby says Coltrane started playing in the bathroom because the acoustics were so good. In a small club he could probably still be heard all over the club – like walking into an echo chamber to add some reverb to his solo.


I had the pleasure of seeing kd lang play at Albert’s Hall in Toronto and in the middle of a song (I don’t recall which) she wandered off the stage, trailing a big long mic cord with her; wended her way through the crowd and off into the washrooms at the back. The band kept playing and she kept singing, her voice coming through the speakers, and at one point she paused and you could hear the toilet flush. lang came back out, finishing the song as she made her way back onstage and commented: “I’ve never done that before.”

She sounded great.


I had the same thing happen to me whilst on tour with Richard Clayderman when he burst into my cubical blowin’ a 37 Key Melodica!

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Crosby’s current albums (“Sky Trails” and “Here If You LIsten”) are really good, to my ear anyway: jazzy, beautifully produced, lots of good songs.

Plus he’s fun to follow on Twitter.

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