Watch digger bees build sandcastles on California beaches

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Great, now I’m afraid of sand.

Well, it’s not like they’re going to sting you. They’re perfectly harmless, friendly little fuzzy pollinators.


Until I stomp half the colony to death, then we’ll see who thinks I’m not a threat

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Bees GIF by Team Coco


Sqwee! They’re soooo cuuuuute! Especially at the watering hole!

There’s no colony (which is why they don’t have stingers, either - there’s no sense in killing yourself to defend… yourself). They’re “solitary” bees. The most aggressive thing a solitary bee will do is, e.g. when you upset certain kinds of bumblebees (by being too close to their burrow), they’ll bump into you. And let me tell you, from personal experience, getting head-butted by a single bumblebee isn’t threatening (if you even notice), it’s adorable. But most solitary bees don’t even do that.


They’re cute, and harmless:


Though do note stinging does not have to be fatal. Bumblebees do have colonies but much smaller than honeybees, and they can sting more than once, since the stinger is not barbed. Although they tend to be pretty non-aggressive about it.

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