When honey bees need to defend their colony from wasps, they can form a “defense wave”

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2022/08/21/when-honey-bees-need-to-defend-their-colony-from-wasps-they-can-form-a-defense-wave.html


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This defense wave is to warn predators. “Don’t mess with us.”

Interestingly, not all bees receive the information to join the “wave”. It is possible that some side of the nest will be “defenceless”. It would be because, normally, the predator attacks only one side.

But a study in Austria found that there is a vibration of 2 hertz in the comb, enough for the bees on the other side to feel the wave and consequently receive the threat information.


Perhaps that injects randomness into the wave with that making it more noticeable to the threat.

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It’s a bee Game of Life!

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