Watch "Dog Police," a bizarre DEVO-inspired music video from 1984


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My dog friend Whiskey says this is her favorite video, and I’m coming along for the ride.


Well that will be my surreal for the week. Thanks!


I had totally forgotten this video. I loved it back in the day!


Not sure what version to go with.


I cannot believe I made it through the 80s without ever seeing this before. THANK YOU!


Ouch, those synapses haven’t fired in 30+ years. At least, the ones that weren’t killed by this video the first time around.

Early MTV was so fun.


Then there was this, from when other networks were jumping on the prime time animated comedy bandwagon revived in the '90s by The Simpsons:

Based on an indie comic book series.


Very loosely based… I think I saw all of one episode. The comic is much better.

ETA it’s on youtube of course… I am impressed with the voice talent.


The Muppets did it better.


Is that Peter Dinklage?


Uhh, okay. What the hell?!


Damn Furries!!!


I’m pretty sure it’s Jack Purvis.


Dinklage would have been about 15 years old when this one was made.


Not totally unrelated: How I mounted Goldie, Saved my Partner Lori, and Sniffed Out the People’s Justice.


I thought the same thing … but I’m not 100% sure …

Here’s more interesting info on the band, song, and video, along with a better quality version of the vid:


I’d forgotten it existed too, and now I have the one line of the song that I can remember stuck in my head.


They did a sequel: “1-800”, that was every bit as weird.


I’m afraid that humour is lost on me but here’s a song from the same period, which sound pretty similar in terms of harmony: