WATCH: Drone-eye view of a Detroit hotel demolition

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Let’s hope he had permission. Demolition folks get twitchy about stray signals and objects around their explosives.

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With signal strengths comparable with the myriads of wifi routers in the houses around, I would say there’s not much to worry about.

So you think there’s no need to double check with the guys that might be blown to bits if you are wrong?

Anyone spot the other drone in the lower left cross the screen into the dust near the end? I thought that was cool. I would like to see that footage.

I think the drone guy not only got permission, I think he worked with them to make the video so they can sell it to future clients.

But that’s just my guess.

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I think that using firing systems sensitive to EMI in an EMI-hostile environment (run a frequency spectrum of a random place in a random city to see what I mean) is hazardous.

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The Drone operator had to have permission – the FAA typically clears the airspace above these operations. DEMO crews are usually absolute control freaks about site control.

Speaking of the DEMO crew – that was one impressive implosion. Both long exterior walls fell “inwards”, but did so at different times so that the walls collapsing walls didn’t “run in into” each other.


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Being responsible is good for both sides. This reminds me of 30 years ago I was on a trip with my parents in the BC interior near Barkerville and we had stopped and walked along the road to look at the view. My mother was about about a 100 feet ahead of us when we heard a siren or whistle from somewhere and then there was an explosion and several rocks (one at least basketball sized) flew over and landed on the road between us. Any of those rocks could have killed us.

There were no warning signs etc. We got out of there pretty fast.

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