WATCH: Extreme wheelbarrowing around the globe




Not quite what I expected:


I legitimately can’t tell if this is parody or not. You can feel free to take that as a critique of my skills.


I was really hoping for something sexier.


I’m so relieved there is someone else who feels this way. I’m genuinely confused…


For this new class of behaviour and for further anthropological observations of the human race, stay tuned to boingboing.


Its a parody of skate webclips. The guy who made it absolutely destroys everything in his path on the skateboard -> theres also clips from him skating on youtube too


It’s what’s called “German Humor”.
(Good thing their economy doesn’t rely on exporting that…)


Geez, so many haters out there.


Nice, but there is only [one extreme sport][1].

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This is amazing. This is the most extreme part of all. Really? I mean… legitimately?

Dude. It’s a wheelbarrow.


THe 3rd video is from quebec, not france. There aren’t many latinos and massive american suvs in france.


Dammit @NGART, I suspected that. Made an update. To make up for the error, here’s something for @crenquis ’ disappointment.


MAN I DON’T KNOW. The internet has wrecked my expectations of ridiculous at this point, I just can’t tell anymore.


so thats why public works take such a long time to finish…


Now I am eagerly awaiting the inevitable “no wheelbarrowing” signs to start littering the public space. Thanks Obama.


Seems to me the real challenge would be to do all those stunts with a load of bricks or gravel in it.


Years ago I went to an exhibit at Balboa Park in San Diego on medieval torture devices. I can vividly recall a form of punishment where a wheelbarrow is permanently chained to convict, forcing them to push the thing around everywhere they went. This guy probably would have been the happiest person ever.


Or a person. I think that would be the ultimate, really.


“Private Johnson, you were seen at 2am pushing a wheelbarrow across the town square. What did you have in it?”
“Sir, you, sir!”