This is, er, golf cart body-surfing beer-drinking

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That sure is funny! Until he takes a golf tee or three in his back. Collapsed lung so haha! Or he loses his footing and the golf cart rolls over him paralyzing his hilariously non-mobile ass! Or they flip the cart after running over both yahoos in front the thing slides into a sand trap kicking a rooster tail 20 ft in the air and then explodes hilariously!

Oh wait I was watching Michael Bay’s version of this bro-tactic stunt. Still quite a bit of derpage.


Friends don’t let friends take vertical videos.


I have to admit that I laughed more than I thought I would at the sheer idiot genius of the whole thing.

But it’s only going to be fun until he hits a patch with an elevated coefficient of friction and the golf cart rolls over him, folding him double at the hips like a taco, giving him twelve different types of rupture, and squirting all that beer back out his mouth like a foamy yellow geyser.


they did have enough brain cells to make a stop-signal.


You know a sport is boring when you make up stuff to do while engaged in that sport.


J Knoxville


This happened in Canada :interrobang:

Florida must be contagious :open_mouth:

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So what? So let’s dance!


That Caddyshack clip made my day. I think my siblings and I are the only people who have an emotional draw to it. The reason is because my dad looked exactly like Rodney Dangerfield (and was also very funny), particularly the Caddyshack version. So much so that my friends would joke and say things like “Hey, do you remember that scene in Caddyshack when your dad made fun of Ted Knight’s hat?!” My dad died in 2001 but that movie always makes me smile.


Call me cynical, but I’d think his mom (or other parent) washes all of his clothes for him, instead of him having to do it himself.

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