WATCH: freezing a 5-lb Gummi Bear and then blasting it with a shotgun



What you do not see is ten minutes later when it oozes together and reforms itself… And then consumes the humans.


I have never wanted someone to own an iPhone 6 more in my life. Worst slo-mo shot of 2015.



Kinda gross violence

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Oh, the humanity. Save the gummi bears!

Well we used to do that every year as part of the annual Gummi Festival of Hate. I thought it was only my little town.

Isn’t that just an excuse to beat up the Irish?

Too bad it didn’t freeze all the way through. If it had, that large chunk wouldn’t have been left.

Also, if we’re concern trolling: starving children, Africa.

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The only thing that would have made this remotely interesting, is if anything happened, other than what everyone already knew would happen.

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He’ll be back

It was interesting to watch right until just after the shotgun blast at the frozen bear. Then it just kind of got creepy violent and somehow made me feel uncomfortable.

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It’s nothing I didn’t already learn from Diablo II.

It had to be done. Imagine somebody had started to eat from it. Nobody can stop eating a Gummi Bear. It would have been lethal.

Senseless human-on-gummi violence…

Note the brittle fractures on the egress side during the nonfrozen shot. You can get brittle behavior from elastic objects when the speed of deformation is faster than the material’s ability to conform.

It could be worse, it could be ice cream. (Could we get some slo-mo footage of ice cream getting shot, please?)

You mean, you wouldn’t want to finish off the incompletely frozen remain of the gelatin monster? No additional pew pew pew?

The interesting part that stands out, other than the usual expected eye-candy, was the unfrozen brittle behavior, and then the incompletely frozen core and the material behavior at the elastic-brittle junction. Admittedly, a slo-mo with at least 600 fps, preferably 1000+, would be much better.

And, dear children, that’s when we use the flamethrowers.

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