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Hi everyone. Last night I raised up the idea of us creating a whole new way of innovating. I know I flooded tons of stuff into that thread. Today I am working on it with a friend to clarify what I am saying.

Here are the rules we propose we innovate under. Imagine being held in such a space online to meet anyone out there on the internet who had a great idea and being pushed to do something impossible - in just 5 days! That’s the goal I set myself to complete by 7/25. I am gathering allies here at my office.

Dreams do come true.
The goal is to get crystal clear on a vision.
That vision drives innovation.
If the vision is clear, the solution becomes obvious.

The problem is not that there is not enough money.
The problem is, there is not enough passion.
That’s why everyone volunteers their time and resources, so they can leave money off the table and come to the heart of their passion.
There is enough money for any purchases. We have a fund for that.

Every project is time limited. This creates pressure to reach a solution. It frees people up to ask to participate.

Get the right people to help you solve your problem
If you hit an obstacle, you have ask from help from the most qualified person to answer your question, even if they are busy, even if they are powerful, even if they are rich, even if they are poor, even if they are busy. You have to ask.
If they say no and you know you need them, keep asking.

Question Your Assumptions
The solution you start out thinking you are creating is not the one you will end up with.
Don’t be so sure you know the answer.
Your assumptions will be clarified as you go along.
Challenge your assumptions or get the people in who can help you do it.

Communication is important.

You must be able to communicate your vision so others can understand it.
If you are not a great communicator, get someone who is.
Once they understand it, they can help you.
You have to keep pitching.

You are not alone.

Everyone is an ally.
The other person wants to help you solve the problem.
You must keep fighting for your vision, even if you do not feel safe. Request help from your safe person team if you need it but keep going.
Everyone in the world wants to help you.

Everyone must be kept safe.
Our space is not a safe space. It’s your safe space, custom built for you.
You have to rely on the people who are holding the space for you to help you. You can’t try to do it alone.
You can bring in anyone you need to keep yourself safe.
You must take responsibility for your own self care. Keep eating. Keep resting as much as possible.

Take Risks.
Get Messy.
Getting it right is not important.
Let your passion show.

Believe in Yourself.
You are important.
What you have to say is important.

Dreams do come true.


Okay, I’ve been watching this since I woke up this morning, very confused about what it’s supposed to be. I mean, I’ve been intrigued by the snippets you’ve been posting, but I’ve only been getting a glimpse at the vision, or essence, behind the thing, and not what it is trying to accomplish. I think, with this post, I’m finally getting a clearer idea of what you’re describing.

Please tell me if I have it right.

This is going to be an online makerspace: that is, an online community where people come together to build stuff: including the physical (crafts, tech, etc.), or creative (art, fiction, music, etc.), or even stuff that is more abstract (communities, public policy, social change, etc.).

The idea is to promote innovation and collaboration on a massive scale, where both complete newcomers and seasoned veterans are not only welcomed, but necessary to the functioning of the space. Ideally, some big names will come onboard to provide their expertise, but that’s not strictly needed; what is needed is a large number of collaborators with a vast repository of different skills, so that a person with an idea has all of the resources necessary to carry that idea to fruition, no matter how big or complex that idea might be.

Am I close?


TED talks livestreaming to BoingBoing community all day with the support of a real team to craft them.

Batkid Begins movie viewing and discussion afterward.

Presentation of the Rules of the Road I developed and my experiences using them this week.

New model of community software rolled out.

MONDAY challenge: Find someone to build the software in one day using the Rules I developed.

I have two great teachers that I would line up to come do further programs with them where you could be involved in planning them with me and perhaps we have BoingBoing sponsor these events to help them work on ideas for new features for the discussion board here. Maybe if @codinghorror won’t go there we can do a livestream of the event that he can peek in on.

As a gift to you, to help you go further…

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I’m wiped so I will go home now but I am so happy that I figured out a way to give them a REAL TED talk experience and get to have you see who you are helping to go further. They are great people.

So,here’s my ask: This team has really dreamed of doing TED talks for a year. If I can give this to them and make it done with incredible thoughtfulness to what they want that experience to be like, I think that would show them how this model of innovating with love feels so different than the old way. I love this idea because instead of them being the innovators and feeling the experience, they get to see what I INNOVATED FOR THEM.

I want you to figure out how to get a real TED talk experience to them. Maybe even make this a bigger event.

I think I could get them to present on an actual stage at Stony Brook University.

I need to take this down for work reasons.

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