Watch: Hero in kayak rescues man clinging to rock in river rapids

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You’re kind of making it seem as if this guy came out of no where to rescue him. I think they were kayaking together.


Yes, the ‘man’ was a fellow kayaker, and any one of them would do the same for someone in that situation. It’s a fine example of how to give someone a hand, but this is a bit overhyped.


Buy that man a whiskey, stat!


Wow, nice piece of water!! And getting out of your boat quickly in a surging micro-eddy like that is no easy feat.


But how did they get off of the island with only one kayak? What about the rest of the story?

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Agree this is all part of a day’s run. It seemed to be dropping pretty well, plenty of gradient, plenty of flow, plenty of rocks. Any urgency depends on what was downstream, which we didn’t see, but if upstream was any indication I’d want to get picked up right quick.

Also: screw roll = scrape your face off.


They didn’t. They’re still sitting there.


Ha Ha…

Love me some whitewater.

Some days you watch the show… some days you are the show.

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This person is a true hero. The world needs more people like this, who are willing to shoot horizontal video to share with the world.


Those are some hellish rapids. Definitely professional grade water.

I’m sure he was about to pull a flask from his PFD…

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Second that it’s a bit overhyped. All the people in adventurous pursuits help each other out all the time. There’s hardly a run like that (looks like Class V, far beyond my skill level back when I did that sort of thing, but I couldn’t read the water from the video) that someone doesn’t need a helping hand at some point. You have got to have each other’s backs, because Mother Nature is a bitch. Wow, that run looks as if it would be fun, if I had been better at kayaking!

Really nice job of beaching and getting ashore quickly in challenging water. Shows the world how it’s done.


Sorry to burst your bubble, but someone (possibly the guy who helped him up on that rock) went to the bank, hove a line to him, and either handlined him across or hauled his boat back to him. And he’s going to be hearing it about it in the pub for quite a long time.

No, I don’t know about this particular story, but that’s how these things usually end. It looked as if they had at least half a dozen guys on the river, no problem getting one of them across a little chute.

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