Watch: horses drag 2000-pound sleds in Japaneses competition

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Mighty pretty horses.


@reactionabe… it’s this “Japan” again. LOL!




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Pull, horseys, pull.

Draft horses love to pull and they are huge. I was on a carriage/sled ride a few years ago and wow. They worked up a frothy sweat in the cold air, the steam coming off their bodies like an old timey engine.

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Horses dragging sleds. As if.


Very cool horses. These don’t even look as big as draft horses get. Growing up, we had family friends who raised Belgian draft horses. They are HUGE.

Our friends would rent out their teams to pull mechanical farm equipment out of the mud when it got irretrievably stuck. One team of two horses could pull big, modern combines and harvesters free. Serious horsepower.


What is the mortality rate vs normal horse racing?

Dashing through the …
Well, they are one-horse, open sleighs, right?:thinking:

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Psh. Like two horsepower.

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Good question. I’m having a heart attack just watching them pull…pull…pull…

Looks like how it would feel to shovel snow for 10 straight hours.

OK, so I found out about this stuff from the follow-up to Fullmetal Alchemist: Silver Spoon. Huge departure to slice of life romance, but I enjoy it a lot.


It is about farm life, so one of the early plot is how he names a runt pig and raise it to size… and then it has to go to the slaughterhouse. Just fair warning to people who don’t want to see the dead animal side of farm stuff.

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