Watch how a phone app that blows out a candle works

Originally published at: Watch how a phone app that blows out a candle works | Boing Boing

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Unfortunately not powerful enough to cover more than one candle at a time and put an end to the “enjoy whatever virus I have along with this cake” tradition.


I love this guy’s content but I can’t listen to his voice for very long.


iOS only it seems?

I’m always wary of these neato apps that grabs people imaginations - they install and accept whatever app permissions without thinking.
Next thing you know, that all-the-rage app everyone has just sent all your passwords and banking info to some internet cafe in China. Are whiskers on your selfies worth that?


I downloaded it to my iPhone as soon as I saw the story. I can confirm it works as advertised and I was able to blow out a birthday candle very reliably, although I needed to put the phone fairly close to the flame. I’m guessing it might not work well on a larger candle with a bigger wick. Further experimentation needed, but it has already provided $1.99-worth of entertainment.

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