Watch how Hubble Telescope used a lunar eclipse for detecting life on exoplanets

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Biosignatures. Interesting. Let’s hope it detects all forms of life.

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It’s amazing the lengths NASA et al goes to in order to convince the general public that the Earth is round.


Detecting ANY form of life would already be a breakthrough. It doesn’t have to be an exhaustive survey of everything in the galaxy and beyond.


It’s not round it’s an ellipsoid. :grinning:

True. If we can kidnap one form of life, we can make it tell us what else is there. :smiley:

although earth is indeed an oblate spheroid , the difference is only .3 % , soo calling it a sphere is really close enough for most purposes ;
3 parts out of a thousand is difficult to measure , a golf ball sized sphere with such an aberration would be outside of the skill of most people with most micrometers to measure < or so it is alleged !! )

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