Watch: How to make a mosquito-in-amber walking cane like the one in Jurassic Park


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Could we get one with a tiny little Donald Trump in it to recall that prehistoric life form as well?

“Millions of years ago great herds of orange furred Trumpotheres wandered the swamps of the East coast, bellowing pointlessly and attacking anything even vaguely different from themselves.”

Due to their tiny hands they could not feed themselves and became parasites on every living thing they came near.


I eat meat, so this is total bullshit on my part, but I can’t shake the feeling that killing something just so you can make it into a prop is kinda crap.
Guess I’ll just go and throw out my leather jacket and all the other stuff I own made with animal products.


Those little bugs are a serious killers. So I don’t feel bad about killing them for a trophy.


I guess, and this just makes me realise I’m an an even worse person than I thought, it’s not so much the killing as it is the trophy-making that’s weirding me out.


Here’s the problem, folks: that there is a harmless crane fly. Not a mosquito.


Yes but, it wouldn’t be a walking stick. More of an amber butt plug.


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