Watch how to train cats to shake hands

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this is so sweet. our kitties don’t mind having their paws gently squeezed, since we did that to them from when they were little kittens. it makes trimming their claws easier, and sometimes it’s nice to just lie on the couch and “hold hands.”

the bonus is that they also like to reach out and touch US back, much like the cats in the video do.


YouTube, in one of its random recommendations, suggested a video for me to watch from one of their other channels, which turned out to be interesting. (It’s not every day that you see a girl with flaming red hair in a video named “Idiot’s Guide to Japanese Squat Toilets.”) So it’s funny to see this on Boing Boing. Here’s a shout out to them and their other YouTube channels.

Jun and his American wife, Rachel, talk about Japanese culture in general and about their lives in Japan in particular on their Rachel and Jun channel, and talk about their trips in and around Japan on their Rachel and Jun’s Adventures channel. If that interests you, check it out.

(No, I don’t know them personally or get anything by mentioning their channels.)


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