Carry your cat like a kangaroo in this adorable hoodie


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This is perfect. I keep complaining that my belly isn’t covered with enough tiny scratches.


the cat in the video looks thrilled to be in there.


I’m training my cat to ride around on my shoulder like Long John Silver’s parrot. She enjoys it and is pretty good at it, as long as you don’t make any sudden movements. Sudden movements cause punctures of the shirt and underlying skin. We’re working on that part.


My cat would never tolerate this. Take my money anyway!


That was my cats favorite thing to do ever, the whole world. He’d hang out on my shoulder, even when he was really effectively too big to do so. Our new cat will not do that at all. She’s a damn kill joy that. She does fetch, though. Almost makes up for not having a cat to hang out on my shoulder anymore… almost.


I’ve got a cat that loves being carried around slung belly-up in the crook of one arm like a baby, this sort of thing would probably be perfect for her.

@Mindysan33 we’ve also got one that will play fetch with us, it’s awesome sometimes. Unfortunately, unlike most dogs, she’ll actively retaliate if we don’t promptly toss what she’s wanting to fetch after she drops it at our feet, usually involving needle-sharp claws and the toes the item is lying next to.


Verily, it seems inevitable that the cat will ultimately spend more time in the box this comes in.


I want one of these, just so I can have an excuse for adopting a marsupial.


I see that at least some cats have decided that they no longer wish to walk. “Monkey! I have wish to be carried around instead of walking on my own four paws like some sort of animal. Go forth and make arrangements.” This is obviously the result.

I had a tuxedo cat that probably would have loved this, but I don’t think any of my current ones would like this very much. The closest would be the one that demands I hold her up so she can look out the window, but then gets mad that I can’t summon squirrels on demand for her.


The Burmese will do this to me and needed no training. He will hop on my shoulder and stay there and resist attempts at removal till he has decided it is time, or I need to do something like use the sink or enter the bathroom. He will not do this with the kid or the wife though. I am happy he is a tiny little kitty.
The elderly tabby, she will try and get on my shoulder from time to time but she is never very stable once up there as she is a little to big to fit well and feeling her age of late.


I assume the hoodie comes with a supply of tranquillisers…


I love this idea, tempted to get one so I can be more comfortable with the cat whilst playing Destiny, but it seems as though cooling would be a problem. A hoodie AND all the cat-heat? Yowch.

'sup dog. I heard you like cats and kangaroos. So I put a cat in your cat kangaroo hoodie so you can cat while you cat kangaroo!


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