Carrying it wasn’t an option really.


In fact, that is a deliCATa squash. Frealz!


Impressive. My feline retriever doesn’t like carrying anything over a few ounces, though both she and her brother have been known to drag larger objects.

I personally haven’t seen my own cat carry anything other than fleas and worms.
Granted she’s an outdoor cat who was feral till age three, so while we do vaccinate her and do the flea goop, she insists on never being treated in a regular fasion. And she makes a point of hoarding half-eaten corpses in places we only frequent on an annual basis.
Everyone’s cat seems much better than mine, and I suspect my own cat’s wildness biases my view of cats generally.

Mine does the same thing…


As a PEVA member in good standing, I’m horrified to see these pictures of sadistic vegetarian brutality being treated as entertainment.

Even if we must admit that, in their natural habitat, some animals do hunt and brutally slaughter innocent gourds, must we celebrate the carnage?


That’s why I eat mostly herbivores. Save the plants by eating their enemies!

I don’t understand how the cat is carrying the squash. Some of my cats small objects such as toys or pieces of dead rodents, which a cat could easily grasp in its jaws, but nothing large and smooth like a squash.

Anything on the floor is mine.
I see that you are still standing on the floor.

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some years ago, my girlfriend & I came to visit my mother, who had a vast tribe of cats, who not only mobbed my girlfriend for her breakfast (surrounded her whilst one of them hopped up on top of the fridge & knocked the bowl out of her hand), but I also opened said fridge only to find one of them inside it gnawing away contentedly on a cucumber…

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It’s a ridged squash; I suspect teeth are clamped around one of the ridges. (That’s how my cat usually carries her ball – hook a fang into it and grip from the other side.)

Determination can accomplish a lot.

One of my cats like graham crackers. One of my past cats liked broccoli. Cats is quirky beasts; that’s part of what makes 'em fun.

I sung my song to Mister Jimmy.
Yeah - and he said one word to me, and that was “dead”.
Which is seriously freaky when you realize he is a cat.

It’s called “photoshop”.

Not impossible.

On the other hand…

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