Cat prison backpack


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I’m utterly against transporting cats in this apparatus.


I’ve seen a few youtubers test out this backpack and its use case seems to only be good for extremely laid back cats or cats that really enjoy going outside… but don’t mind being enclosed in a small space. I don’t know about you but it doesn’t seem like a most cats would fall under either. I would much rather get a regular pet carrier or one of the soft travel carriers if i had to transport my cat somewhere than entomb him in that weird backpack.


Cat Dryer Backpack? (Set to fluff.)


You’re welcome. :slight_smile:


It’s like an astrocat crammed into his own tiny, personal space capsule. Are those vents at the bottom displaying fart wind escaping? I’m assuming the astronauts at least had a poop bag during liftoff in case they ‘lost it’. Why not for the cat?


Some asshole is going to use this for their infant human.


Sure, but YOU tape it to the cat’s ass, because even a cat laid back enough to be in the carrier will probably react poorly to that. And by “react poorly,” I mean put more scratches on me than I have bandages for.


I saw one of these in use in Dolores Park in SF. I remarked on it and the couple stopped to chat for a while, cat seemed to enjoy it, but that is just that cat mb. The guy was wearing it front facing and the cat seemed fine w it. It looked like a cat spaceship. How the heck you get the cat into it is another story, maybe rub the inside with catnip =D


At some level, it’s just a funny shaped box. Open it up and leave it out and there’s a pretty good chance that the cat will get into it. I think the bigger issue is a cat that was comfortable being carried. I wonder whether a dome made of mesh would be better though. The cat could hear and smell his surroundings better.


Conclusion: Your small dog will like it


Cats, in my experience, are fully against being transported in any apparatus, and would rather make their own way. Vehemently so.


My cat quite dislikes the pet carrier but he’s will begrudgingly tolerate the 3hr car ride to Houston in it in the car. However i could not imagine putting him in this backpack, he would flip out and the idea of doing that to him is a hard pass for me.


The photos in the reviews are great for Cat Theater.


smul doge?


I’m glad the part that goes against your back is soft, so that little kitty can let you know she wants out by gently sinking her claws into your back.

Only to stage the best moon landing youtube videos ever!!!
One small step for baby, one giant step for baby kind.


Is it bulletproof? I assumed it was designed as a sort of kitty Popemobile, in case your feline friend has made a lot of enemies.


Who said I haven’t tried that before? I live and die with my cats my friend. LOL.


I only know of one exception to this rule, a big Siamese tom named Cornelius Q. Pussycat, or Corny for short. He loved to ride in the car, but didn’t like waiting for a ride back - he’d head for home on his own as soon as you got wherever you were going. In the 1960s my father would give him rides to the corner shop or the community pool, and he’d show up home a half an hour or so later.