Cat vs. mail carrier



Shouldn’t the door be the opposite, going inwards towards the house rather than out towards the street?

Also, cats are jerks.

No, lots of setups like this. If the flap went into the house, the wind could push rain and snow in, I guess.

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So, a youtube video of some other video service…

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I’m glad they didn’t get rid of Caturday delivery


Ah that makes sense about the rain/snow thanks. I guess you can tell I don’t have one of those :smile:

Well, in the cat’s defense, no one really likes getting bills.


A youtube rip of a hulu video of a show that shows youtube videos to people on the teevee, posted to boingboing.

something something something divide by zero, media eats itself.


I had a HUGE cat that would do the same thing. One day I was sitting on my porch with my dog and the mail carrier came up. I assured him that the dog was friendly and he said, “I’m not scared of the dog. It’s your cat that scares me.” Much of my mail had a good amount of holes in it.

Perhaps a flap on both sides of the slot would be best, keeping both the weather and cat’s paws at bay.

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One of the first things a brand new carrier is told by an older one is to not put your fingers into the slot while trying to open it. If you like your fingers that is… It’s said with dogs in mind first though…

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I had a cat that would use the mail slot to make noise to be let in. Rattle, thwap, rattle, thwap, etc.

A friend’s cat does that with the goddamn catflap.


Wow, it’s amazing how much the studio audience laughter and applause spoils that vid for me.


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