Adorable kitten runs as fast as a pup to greet his owner (video)

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Video needs more Yakety SaxCats


I like how the kitten gets halfway down the hall before its enthusiasm evaporates.


Not evaporates, it just winds down as kitty realizes the owner is also coming closer and it doesn’t need to work so hard.

The bigger cat’s flop is feline for “You may give me scritches now.”


We call this a Floof trap. 50% chance of purrs, 50% chance of claws


Haha people really underestimate how affectionate cats can be towards their owners. LOTS of cats will wait by the door to say hello when they know you’re on your way home. My cats could distinguish between my footsteps and a stranger’s coming to the door. And yeah - the flopping of the big kitty isn’t disinterest! It’s showing it’s relaxed around you. I think a lot of the idea that cats are “aloof” comes from the fact that they don’t have human facial expressions like dogs do. They have their own body language, which long time cat owners learn subconsciously and are all “huh?” when people claim cats are cold.


Serendipitously, I read this short story last night by Cordwainer Smith (from a sci-fi anthology from the 1950s, I picked up at a local charity shop, recently).

It has a very interesting take on the human / cat relationship. (Which, sorry, is half a spoiler, but why else would I be posting it here?)

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Agreed, 100%


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