Cat vs. Mailman


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I hope that it also shreds the junk mail.


Automatic shredder! I’ve got to train one of my cats to do this!


I hope that studio audience doesn’t trample the lawn too much.


So the postman just happened to be… filming his rounds…?


Neither cats nor claws nor fangs nor hairballs on the doorstep stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds


Is there anything a laugh track won’t ruin?


It’s probably not the first time he’s delivered to that house. And he was possibly collecting evidence for his Workman’s Compensation hearing. Why not also send a copy to America’s Funniest Home Videos while he was at it?


i just guessed that it happens to him every day, so he decided to film it once to prove to people what this cat does.


Good point!


He narrates and says “He’s getting tougher…” Obviously not the first time he’s had to deal with that cat.


He also ‘just happened’ to add a laugh track?


Yea, first time I watched the volume was very low.

Chuck Pahlaniuk says most laugh tracks were recorded in the 1950’s, so they are literally the laughter of the dead.


Perhaps the cat’s owner is a History prof?



the cat litter…

used to do the newspaper rounds and one house had a dog that made the sound of horses pretty well until you realised that you did not hear the end of the noise that of it hitting the door with a sack of potatoes

boom boom


That cat had watched to much Addams family and tried to do an impersonation of Thing.


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