Saving Room for Cats: a Tumblog of Greatness


In defense of men… you know men have balls, right?


And man, those babies are sensitive!

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In addition the backpack on the seat next to them is full of food for the cats, food that would be ruined by the heat of a lap or the floor.

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I’ve gained massive amounts of weight to have space on transit. I should have brought a cat.

Speaking as a man with non-bowling-ball sized balls, I am perfectly capable of sitting comfortably with my legs together (or at the very least, without spreading them out wide enough for a cat to fit in there).


My brass ones actually benefit from having my legs together since they can cause quite a racket on a train if not properly muffled…


The whole function of the scrotum is to keep the temperature of the testicles lower than body temperature. It’s not really related to testicle size, sitting with legs together prevents that function.

Admittedly, you don’t need quite as much space as the gentleman in the picture is taking up.

What backpack?

I have also seen this referred to as “lavaballing.”

This is funny, but then on reflection it is also not.

I admit I first laughed but then realized I actually had just disappointed myself.

How many women have had to endure the ridicule of being labelled an “overly-sensitive humorless cow” to point out sexist BS?

If this was “Women who sit with their legs together on public transport are cat unfriendly” and then posted a bunch of photos of women on public transport with photoshopped in “Denied Cats” would it be taken as non-sexist and highlighted as humor on BoingBoing?

(If equality is the freedom and license to behave as badly as the oppressor, then we have not been lifted up to a more caring tolerant society, but just reduced everyone to the same level field of selfish entitlement. )

So should I feel happy or saddened by this “Tumblog of Greatness”?

I think this is just an example where all the people involved on both sides of the camera are arseholes to some degree. Gender is really just a detail here. True equality via mutual douchery.

I guess put me down as not feeling the greatness so much.

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One of my friends doesn’t seem to be able to sit down without having his legs at least 45 degrees apart. We deal with this sensitively by cramming several people onto the opposite side of the table while making loud jokes about his grotesquely swollen balls.

Well “cat” would be taken as a metaphor for their genitals and the whole thing would read like a request that women expose themselves on transit. Probably another animal would be taken as a lewd sexual remark as well.

If someone made a “cats denied” site in response to this one (so it would have the proper context to avoid those associations) I think it would be funny in its absurdity.

I don’t think humour is apt for analogies. This is very much a thing that men do, and it’s even easy to understand why it happens and it is directly related to having male genitals hanging between the legs that feel hot when they are body temperature. That is, the cause is actually directly and essentially related to cismale physiology. Of course men could override their lizard brains and be more polite on transit. I don’t think suggesting that is dramatically sexist.

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Nonsense. Men are not actually making room for cats. this is a fallacy. Having their legs together would also allow room for cats on either side. By having their legs spread men are inviting cats to play with their dangly parts. Considering that women, in general, don’t expose any dangly parts when spreading their legs are cat neutral regarding this aspect of posture.

Yes, this is certainly possible, and the guy in the picture is being ridiculous.

But at least some of the time, doing so comfortably would require adjustment and rearrangement, which isn’t always easy to do discretely.

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