Penis seat on Mexico City subway


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What? I can’t believe this! Since when has Mexico had a subway?


Isn’t that the point…err nub of the issue?


Since the time of the Aztecs! But, I think that the women only cars for their own protection is a more recent event.

Pino Suárez metro station


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It’s a complete section of body, so why is it reduced to being only “a penis”? Would it call less or more attention to itself if it omitted the penis?


Not what I’m looking for in a comfortable ride.


I think this is a good idea, because it would guarantee there is always one free seat on the subway-- I’m not squeamish, I’ll sit there after a long hard day.



“In the satisfaction stakes it’s like sitting on the number nine bus!”

Pop Will Eat Itself


Finally! Someone brave enough to cut through the click bait and ask the hard hitting questions!!!

ETA - Id sit on it if it didn’t look so uncomfortable to my misshapen thigh.


What that video needs is some drunk frat-boys riding that seat like they want to win a giant belt buckle.


“called it “sexist” and unfair to men.”

When that gets said I find it’s because it’s pointing out sexism and is totally fair to men. It’s a #notallmen situation - #inthiscaseprobablymostofthem


Some, I assume, are good people.


Pretty sure that’s the point. Flashers and other harrassers make sure women get forced to look at penises. They’re just good at hiding it from people who might do something about it, and specifically from other men. The sculpture makes it so everyone has to deal with it and it’s out in the open, which I think is rather clever.

Put it another way: the sculpture caused a lot of negative reactions. Maybe it will help harrassers understand they’re not being cute or funny or teasing or sexy or whatever the hell they think they’re doing.


Odd decisions on the anatomical details. The seat is uncircumcised and has nipples, but no cojones?

Also, how has this thing escaped vandalism?


I support this, the reason the BBC (O_o) is reporting this is for ratings. But Mexico is a very sexist country, or at least holds a very patriarchal society/culture

Mexico needs to crack like a shell, women are ridiculously oppressed, it wouldn’t be so bad if women actually wanted ti be housewife like in Japan, but in most cases they see it as their only unfortunate option if they don’t find someone suitable


And nobody thought to compliment him. Chair gotta piece on him.

The only real use for this is to sit on it and make everyone else in the carriage uncomfortable by smiling real, real wide the whole time you are there.


I agree - although I think that nudism does this better and is less costly. When nudity is an everyday fact of life, flashing yourself or stripping others ceases to have any power.


I expect the cojones are hanging between the “thighs”, ie: inside the seat cushion, given the “body” is in a sitting position.

Also, remember non-religious circumcision is rare outside the US.


I had to laugh at the last guy in the video.

Super annoyed at the dick on his seat, but then was like “Some times you gotta sit on a dick, I guess.”