Cat entertains itself with an egg


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A whole new meaning for “egg paws”.


I think its human keeps egging him on…

IF this universe is a simulation, then I’m fairly certain that cats are the external observer’s in game characters.


Fuckin’ magnets, how do they work?


Pretty sure Slartibartfast established it was mice…or the critters using mice as avatars.


My cat has almost the same thing, but plastic is less fragile. His favorite toy!


“If I just wait long enough, it will become a bird I can kill.”



My cat did something completely different with eggs… she’d leap up onto the egg, crushing the shell, and lap it up. She was completely non-plussed by a hard-boiled egg, but settled for cracking the shell, ripping the whole thing to shreds and eating what she could. I thought this was an instinctive thing, but maybe it was taught?


Yeah you’d think that cats, being animals who naturally prey upon birds, would instinctively eat eggs, but domestication can cause traits to be lost. The cat in the video seems to be treating it pretty much how my cat treats her rolling toys, so maybe it isn’t seeing it as food.


when you realize that cats don’t have to vote, it all makes sense


How long before this cat goes all “thug life”?


I had a cat that would do this with potatoes. He would pry open the pantry door, snag a potato off the shelf, and spin it around on the floor.

The cat also once sat down in front of my PS2, deliberately reached up and pressed the button to open the tray, and then when the tray came out, looked at me and I swear he smiled. Then sashayed off and left me to get up and shut the tray. Because cat.


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