Russian cat won't let go of bread bag


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“Bread first; then ethics”, eh Boris?


That must be some delicious bread.


In Russia, bread cats you.


It might be a delicious bag. Some plastic bags taste like beef to cats. I had a cat that used to love licking plastic bags so I researched it to figure out what was going on. He also loved to eat portuguese sweet bread though.


“Mission accomplished! the bag of human food has been broken open and the food scattered across the floor! Now we can eat human food!”

“Um, sarge? This is bread. And we are obligate carnivores.”

“It’s the principle of the thing!”


:slight_smile: Things get really magical around the 1:00 mark.

In the end, everyone wins.


This was funny right up to the point where he started to shake and jerk around the bag.

Flashback to a horrible memory of accidentally killing a pet mouse which chomped on my finger, and wouldn’t let go, so I shook it and . . . it let go, because in my panic I’d snapped its neck. (45 years ago and I still feel awful about it.)

Cats are tougher than white mice, but still . . . there’s a reason both cats and dogs shake prey (real, or pretend).


Yeah, Water was probably a better option, splash a glass of water at the cat and it would let go really fast.


I don’t speak Russian. Is she threatening to call the Hillsboro Police Department?


Probably funnier than shaking the cat until it let go.

Even funnier would be to see what the cat would DO with it. I’d gladly send that shelter $5 to buy that cat a loaf of bread to . . . eat? Mate with? Use as a bed?

It’s not like when my old dog found a “loaded” training pants and wouldn’t drop it until I got WAY shouty at her. (I wish I had a video of THAT. Grinning dog, training diaper with dancing “Tigger” artwork, me screaming “DROP IT!” Comedy gold.)


It seems strange now, but follow the money.


For a brief period, I was underfeeding my then-newly adopted cat by a significant amount, after switching to a new brand to help with her stomach issues. Turns out, cat food in the US doesn’t have the same standards for nutritional labeling human food does, and the same volume of food can have literally half the caloric content, and this discrepancy can be difficult to discover without proper research.

I didn’t quite catch on until a donut disappeared out of a box overnight (attributed to my girlfriend, despite her denials), and then a bag of sourdough wound up underneath my couch missing several slices.

To this day I’m much more careful about the storage of my carbohydrates.


I hate the fact that I would pay good money to watch that.


They do not have water in Russia. Would vodka work?


Do we call that a shit-eating grin?


I thought this was another Putin/Trump article.


I think the shaking was exaggerated because she was holding the camera in the other hand so it shook a lot too.


Wasn’t this the punch line to an old Yakov Smirnoff joke: “In Russia the pussy grabs the old bag of dough.”



NO dog, you are NOT going to eat a load of toddler crap on my watch,”


“Jeebus, dog holding shat-up Tigger diaper with the same anticipation as a pig ear! HILARITY!”