Watch: Incredibly clever cat unscrews lid to plastic food container

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Who needs opposable thumbs?


Cut the power


Years ago, my brother tried to keep our cat out of a basement room with a sliding door (the cat had already figured out it could slide the door open with its paw). He tied a string to the door handle, and tied the other end to a nail he’d stuck in the wall. He came back later to find the nail pulled out of the wall, dangling on the string from the handle, with the door open. There are a couple ways this might have happened, but this was already a notoriously clever cat… I think he just tried things until something worked.


Damn - came to say exactly this. If we humanz will just make everything with a twist lid, now, it will all be over for us.


At least he isn’t a bread loaf chewer. My mom has to keep room-temperature bread products in the microwave, because that’s the only door her cat Scout cannot open.


Just as smart as an octopus.


Now find one that has reversed threads and keep switching them back and forth.

Damn cat will probably figure that out, too.


Mine figured out how to open a resealable bag of dry food, by jumping on it. She pokes at and stands on her feeder to make it open faster, too. The day she starts opening pop-top cans, I’ll have a bit less meal prep to do! :smile_cat: :woman_shrugging:t4:




Who needs opposable thumbs when you can just look at a creature that does with disdain?


So much for keeping Kitty on it’s diet ~

You just have to buy 16 of the containers and spread the food between them. The cat gets lots of exercise for the same reward.


My buddy had a cat with fully functional opposable thumbs. It used to sit at the food dish, picking up one kibble at a time like we do with chocolates. We used to joke about hiding the credit cards, but honestly, that cat was pretty dumb. It could also stand up and turn doorknobs - like, not weight, but a with a real grip. Also, when you looked down at it from above, the tabby stripes were perfectly mirrored across its spine.

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… and stole the truck!

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I had a cat that could do something similar! Or, actually, I humbly believe, even more amazing.

We used to have a cat feeder like this:

The knobs at the top are little clicky timers. When it lines up to zero, the lid pops open.

I had realized that she had been getting the feeder open early, but couldn’t work out how, figuring she was prying up the lid and sneaking a paw inside.

I finally heard her at it one night and crept up to take a look. She was sitting on the lid, dutifully turning the timer knob one click at a time with both paws.

What I found amazing was the separation between the lid and the knob. I figured even a smart cat would believe the way to open it had to do with, you know, opening the lid. But she was actually sitting on the lid, knowing that that part was irrelevant until the timer clicked to the right place.

(But I didn’t get a video of it.)


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