Will this water trap stop a cunning cat from opening the door?


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That is so needlessly complicated. I made a stick that prevents the door knob from going down. In some cases a lock on the door works, too. :wink:


My late cat’s best trick was to come masturbate in the living room when guests were there.


My cat used the door knocker when she wanted to come in. First couple of times were very creepy.


Betteridge’s Law: If a headline is posed as a question, the answer is “No”.


Spherical doorknobs are what this guy needs.


“I think we’re going to need a bigger moat”


Or you turn the handles so they are vertical. Few cats can master that trick.


There was Futility Closet episode where the puzzle involved building code in an area requiring circular door knobs to prevent bears breaking into houses. But a guest pointed out that in some areas lever-type knobs are required for disability access reasons.


Maybe this cat’s just tryna get a little privacy.


reason #6,391 to not own a cat (works for velociraptors too): They can open doors.


The water container thing i’m not sure what it was supposed to solve. Definitely i’d rather change to the round handles, either that or electrify a few handles and shock the cat into being afraid of door handles… not that i’d ever do that.


Welp. As a species, we had a good run.


Some times the simple answer is the best answer.


Eloquent way of ending the evening.



We have one of those cats - and he’s tall enough to reach the doorknob without jumping.

The solution was selective use of round knobs and toddler locks meant for lever-handle doors. Install the toddler locks so the lever has have to be lifted up to open the door.

ADDING: He’s a “Savannah” cat, not ocelot or Bengal.



Well… there’s your answer.