Woman imprisoned by own cats


The shot heard 'round the world.

as i understand it, locksmith scams are a thing in Paris. some locksmiths will advertise low rates and then try to bill you for over $500 through made-up surcharges on “high security locks” and such.

Cats? more like - Person imprisoned by their lack of basic mechanical skills.


i’m not understanding how the cat was able to remove the doorknob on the other side.

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this story was far less interested than I had hoped it would be…


Yep, if she was inside the bedroom, she was most likely on the side of the door where the hinges were. It sounds like she only ever tried to slide something into the now “permanently locked minus handle” door. All she needed to do was pop the hinges. With a metal nail file and sturdy heeled shoe, she should have been able to do it.

I can sympathize – my cats locked me in my own bathroom once.


I had to look that up, but it wouldn’t work on my door or most interior doors I am familiar with.

Eh? Bedroom doors are designed to swing to the inside. The hinges are on the inside side of the swing, so on a bedroom they face into the room. Guides online will tell you to insert a nail set or screwdriver at the bottom to pop the pin the through. That’s the best way to do it, but not the only way.

In an emergency, you can use something sturdy under the head of the pin, and knock that. A nail file should work, and you should remove from the bottom up.

Mine doesn’t have a pin that is accessible from the outside. It is pretty much like this one:

If it is open, you can just lift the door. If it is closed, you’d have to break loose the bolt and once you do that it’s moot anyway.

Those things are very common here. Actually I can’t remember ever having encountered anything else in a residential interior door.

I once opened my mother’s fridge only to find a kitten in it, gnawing away on a cucumber with every sign of enjoyment. not much else, unfortunately, just a cat and a cucumber. Not a great sandwich filling, really.

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Ah, I see. An unremovable pin. Standard doors in America are hinged with pin hinges that are open at the bottom so that they can be popped off the hinge from the side that locks. They’re used on lighter weight doors, so an interior bedroom door would commonly have one. Heavier doors have the pin capped on both ends to prevent twisting.

It may well be that she ran into a double-capped door, or other type of hinge. I’ve just very rarely seen anything like that on a bedroom door. (I do realize she was in France.)


i’m happy my cats don’t know what those are (…YET.).

Live the fear.


see? this story is far more interesting than the one linked here…

God knows how long it had been there in the complete dark, gnawing away. It was really pissed off when I took it’s cucumber off it.

Or, she could have inserted a toothbrush in the spindle hole and turned it.

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