Watch how unhatched birds get oxygen inside their shells


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I raise chickens and didn’t know that. Pretty embarrassing.

The chick’s peeping at the end sounds like a mild distress call, which it makes when it’s chilled. Probably the few seconds of (relative) cold away from its brooder (or away from the mama hen) made it cheep like that.


Everything is weird and complicated.


…and wonderfully organized and re-usable


Isn’t it grand?! :star_struck:



Well I learnt something, and so did my three year old. Very well done.


This has to be the best educational/infographic animation I have ever seen. Imagine the length of that video if hadn’t made such elegant use of the various animated transitions.




Well, I suppose that’s slightly more plausible than my ‘lithium perchlorate secondary yolk’ proposal.


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