WATCH: HOWTO create this mind-bending worldscape


or you can just take a panoramic photo as you roll down a hill :wink:

via: Imgur

Edit: actually by RANDY SCOTT SLAVIN several totally tubular pics at his site.


This kind of world was created before: Ed Hannigan and Herb Trimpe’s (I think) Tunnelworld from Marvel’s The Defenders circa late 1970’s early 1980’s.

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Well it’s not Rama, too long, too much terrain and no lighting strips etc. It’s more like The Way from Greg Bear’s Eon, missing the plasma light core, and the Way is much larger in diameter. I guess this is popular again because of Interstellar?


Marvel’s Tunnelworld (1979): essentially Earth-like, although the realm exists on the inside surface of a cylinder, which is populated 360 degrees, and has gravitation towards its outer surface. The realm narrows to a distinct end, after which there exists a hole into an unknown void.

That’s ‘Marvelous Designer’ they’re using to model the spacesuit. A fun program.

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