WATCH: I thought the future would be cooler


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I thought the future would be sooner.


“When Will Then Be Now?” - “Soon!”


“I thought the future would be cooler

No, it’s a looking like it’s going to be a lot warmer.


YACHT’s lovely video puts me in mind of Scoop Nisker’s sign off: “If you don’t like the news, go out and make some of your own.”


Got bored at a minute forty, listening to the whinings of people too young to have a past that they can compare the present to.


I had hoped the bands of the future wouldn’t sound like 80s retreads.


And to celebrate just how cool the future is…


And brighter.


Roger That!


Truly we live in the future.

What we have today is amazing compared to what we had in the 80’s*.

*except for Metallica.


And Megadeth…


The future? The future goes on, and on, and on. When in the future we will always wish for the past. For the future, is rarely, what we wish it to be…


Yeah, but I get to pirate all the Metallica I want for free now!


Well I liked it :smile:


That has to be Don Hertzfeld.


Oh yeah, totes.




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