Man interviews himself 38 years later and makes it into an amazing movie


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That was interesting. Thanks BB!


Pretty cool. Also done (well) by this guy:


Very cute. One of those things that makes me go “Wow, wish I had thought of that years ago, so I could be having fun now. Welp, too bad, no way am I going to learn some kind of lesson from this and do something for future-me now.


Very clever but I would hate to have done something like this at 18 and have it hanging over my head all these years.


Brilliant idea and nicely executed.


This guy’s talented. The video linked at the end of that video is really good too:


What a great idea for a project!

2015 me: Hey, remember when we were a kid, and went as a skeleton for Halloween? Haha, you won’t need that scratchy cheapass costume now!
2053 me: … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … <plink> (the sound of a metacarpal falling off)

Someone will have to help me with the camera work in 2053.


Sometimes I wish I had a future me goading me into spending less time on the BBS.



Less charitably, I’m thinking “Now he tells us.”


And…real life has officially become weirder than Star Trek.


And I jest, but not entirely. Science fiction is still rehashing the same tropes from a century ago while the future moves on. It’s a golden missed opportunity.



For anyone looking to do this in textual form, and for the subset of that group too lazy to create a text file, write stuff, archive it, and then reread it some time in the future…that is, someone like myself, here’s a good solution: The 10 Questions Project. At one point in the year, an email prompt will be sent and for each of the next 10 days a question will be asked and the answer recorded accordingly. Exactly a year in the future, the system will send your answers back, along with new questions to be answered.


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