Our puny human brains are terrible at thinking about the future (and what to do about it)


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Timely and appropriate.


Hmm. May whatever ‘mechanism’ is at work here also explain why it’s difficult for ‘you’, a young person, to imagine an elderly person (one you’ve just met) as ever having been young, i.e., young in the same sense that ‘you’ are young?


Bill: Hey! Can we have some heat back here?

“Future” Bill: Shut up, Bill.

Ted: That other you’s a real jerk.

Bill: Yeah. I’ll be more considerate to myself when I become him.

“Future” Ted: He said shut your holes!


Future me? After he does something to help me, then maybe I’ll do something to help him. As it is, I’ve never even met the guy. He’s probably an a**hole anyway.


Quality choice of image thar.

For those of you who can’t recall:



I missed that one. Jeebus, Hanks is awesome!

Example: Just add “Meanwhile, the tiger-women ride on to murderous assault” to any headline, and you’ve improved it 1000%.

Also, Fantomah’s hair remains fabulous even as her face transforms into a hideous skull.

Finally, he’s shown us that the First Doctor is actually the evil villain Kaos. Or at least was, until he became an arguably benign Time Lord.


Forget 30 years in the future. Last Night Me failed to consider what a lack of sleep would do to Today Me.

But that’s ok. I have a plan to screw over Tomorrow Me in the same way. And he can’t do a thing about it!


“This topic will close automatically in 5 days”. Hard to think too far ahead in this here little time-bound box.


My future-self, current-self, and past-self have a mutual distaste for each other.



How does this article relate to Boing Boing? This place is jam-packed with futurists.



Well. It helps us realize why no one is paying attention to the futurists…


The bumper sticker was right. Reality really is for people who can’t handle Science Fiction.


As I become the middle age me that my younger self could never imagine I feel more and more empathy for the senior me and how he will survive.


Stop and call bullcrap at “…FMRI scans reveal…


(and what to do about it)

I don’t understand.

[note sarcasm]


Thing is, once reaching a certain age, one observes how past predictions have mostly turned out to be bunk, and the ones that were accurate still have to be filtered through hindsight bias, leaving very little left except to conclude that trying to predict the future is a pointless (though often entertaining) waste of time.