Look at the comedy of the future!





When Skynet takes over, video like these are going to get you on a list.


Rest assured, I’m already on many lists for many reasons.


Aren’t we all?


Shame on you. Future societies will look back at this kind of slapstick the way that we look back at Minstrel Shows.


In my neighborhood, we DIY our own lists.


Well, they are no Rebo & Zooty.


Hey, Zooty! Zoot! Zoot!


I could watch that all day. But what I really want to know is, what messed up the paint job around the stairs so much? Especially the upright board that is facing us.

Is that from training that thing to go upstairs? Are we not safe upstairs in our own beds?


The engineers studied and learned from the original Daleks.

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