Nice animation of Zuckerberg as giant cyborg spider enjoying Facebook's nipple-free techno-utopia

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Man this boss for the new Metal Gear looks awesome.


Lying Trump campaign ads are just fine. This evil has to be banned though.

Children might be exposed to a dystopian future that distracts them from the dystopian present…

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Finally, the sequel to Wild Wild West that we’ve all been waiting for!


Nice sculpture, but

Unrealistic. He looks too human.


Just struck me that the Zuckerberg/Thiel relationship is like the Trump/Cohn relationship: An awful person seeking lessons on how to be even more vile than they were initially. FWIW.

That clip made absolutely no sense… AND YET IT DID!!

Ok, I need to move up the schedule on my humanitarian EMP killsat right the hell yesterday.

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continuous loop, plz, thx

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